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Holy Cross Students for Life attempts to foster increased concern and respect for human life. The group is concerned with a broad range of life issues, including abortion, euthanasia, and capital punishment, as well as quality of life issues such as poverty, child abuse, and the status of women. It is committed to promoting dialogue on polarizing issues and has sponsored a number of "dialogues" on campus. The group meets regularly in Campion to foster individual reflection, to promote group community, and to organize specific programs for the wider campus community.

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Holy Cross Students for Life

The College of the Holy Cross

1 College Street Worcester, MA 01610

     Primary Contact: Joe MacNeill '16


Abortion Discussion Panel Audio
March for Life 2015 Video

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A human rights display is coming to Holy Cross! Sponsored by SFLA, the display walks students through fetal development and then discusses where human value comes from.  Read.

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